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FTC Team #13103

Congratulations to Ironmen Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge team for being a member of the finalist alliance at the FTC Northeast New Jersey League Tournament held at Glenn Rock High School on February 24!

Twenty-four teams from local high schools participated. The Ironmen finished the qualification rounds as the ninth place team, but were then selected to be on the first-seeded alliance in the elimination rounds. The alliance won their semifinal round, but lost 2-1 in the finals.  The FIRST Tech Challenge is used each year as the main project in the senior-level Robotics Project Class. All members of the FTC Team are also members of the class. The team was one of three nominated for the Innovative Design Award at the competition.

The intake mechanism on the front of the robot was 3D printed on a high-strength 3D printer made possible by a generous donation of the Lovisolo family. Team members in the photo from left to right are Fr. Lou Konopelski, Holden Shatouhy, Kensho Alcari, Brent Mastromarino and Mario Biancamano.
Congratulations, Ironmen!