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Bridgewater 2019 FRC

posted Mar 26, 2019, 7:06 PM by Ian Hamilton   [ updated Mar 26, 2019, 7:08 PM ]
Congratulations to the JV on a successful season.  It is important to remember that the primary purpose of JV is to give the students experience.  It would be nice to win, but that is not the primary goal.  There seemed to be a good spirit among the JV team members and parents today.  And most of the team members seemed to have enjoyed their experience. 


Although ranking are not the most important thing, they are a thing.  I was a little disappointed that JV will likely finish among the bottom ten teams in the district.  JV finished 5 – 7 after the qualification matches and in 27th place. . However, the most important thing is that we, both students and mentors, learn from our mistakes and not fall into the same mistakes in the future.  We had a jest award last year at our recognition dinner, the “ninth time is a charm award”.  The JV team gives the students to make mistakes and learn from them before they join the varsity team.


As I stated previously, the basic problem with JV is that the robot was simplified to do two thing: climb and score hatch panels, and it was not good at either one.  Even a good performance in playing defense could not offset these weaknesses. At some point in the future we will examine why the robot performed so poorly.


After this week, JV will likely be “off”, that is, not have to come to any meetings until the varsity season is complete.  Students should decide which technology team (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics and programming) they would like to join next year. Freshmen will also have a competition to see who the driver and operator will be next year.  More info will be forthcoming after the varsity season.


Varsity finished 7 – 5 after the qualification matches and in 16th place.  We were selected by the 8th alliance and came very close to beating the 1st alliance.  Unfortunately, close does not result in district points.  We are now about the 78th team in the district, and have to rise to about 58th place to qualify for the district championship.  This means that making it to the finals at Montgomery will be enough to qualify for the district championship, making it to the semi-finals will be 50-50, and not making it past the quarterfinals will mean no district championship.

Brigewater 2019 FRC Photos