Committee Mtg Minutes (April 9, 2018)

posted May 29, 2017, 9:45 AM by James Jarmusch

Don Bosco Prep Ironmen Robotics Booster Club Board


The first meeting of the Don Bosco Prep Ironmen Robotics Executive Board was called to order by V. Massa at 7:30 pm on April 9, 2018 in Savio Hall. Fr. Lou started the meeting with a prayer.


Fr. Lou Konopelski, Vincent Massa, Anna Kourkoulakos, Tracy Mastromarino, Nicole Shatouhy, Trina Feehan, Peter Hamilton, Sarah Lucinese, Yvette Montalvo

Open Issues

Ironmen Robotics Booster Club Bylaws were discussed focusing on Article Eight-Finances. An amendment to the Bylaws was made by the Executive Board detailing the treasurer’s accounts in Article Eight-Finances, 8.3.  All members approved the Bylaws and signatures were obtained from the 7 Executive Board members. Each member of the Board received a signed copy.

Contact information for all members collected and will be distributed.

Meeting Schedules

V. Massa recommended the Executive Board will meet once a month from September through June, excluding December. The meeting will be on the first (non-holiday) Monday of the month at 7:30pm. All attendees were in favor of the proposed meeting schedule. The next meeting will be May 7th.

General Membership Meeting: The first meeting will take place September/October.     New Parent Meeting:  The first meeting will take place on Kickoff Night in January

New Business

Fundraising:  V. Massa and members indicated more fundraising throughout the year needs to be done to increase funds. Also, he recommended acquiring more sponsors. Fr. Lou added the biggest source of funding comes from the school. (He has recommended a stipend for a JV coach.) The Robotics Summer Camp may contributes to raising funds. Also, there are rules of the DBP Development Office that we need to follow for fundraising/sponsors. Picatinny Arsenal and Manhattan College are the team’s 2 sponsors. Our representative for Picatinny Arsenal hasn’t been very involved. We may need a new representative. Mr. Mooney, our mentor, is an alumnus of Manhattan College. Fr. Lou added that hopefully the JV team will also receive money from Picatinny, along with the existing contribution of $5000 to the varsity team. All sponsors will be identified on the robots, website, and team apparel.

Fundraising suggestions: clothing name tags (held in September); cell phone card holders; flower arrangements (? November); cheese cake sale (November); poinsettias (November or December)

Team apparel: briefly discussed, V. Massa suggested a dry-fit fabric. This topic will be followed up as there are many styles/costs that need to be considered.

Transportation of the robot to competition: purchasing a trailer vs renting a truck. Fr. Lou pointed out that renting a truck may be more feasible. Concerns of purchasing a truck include hauling and insurance.

Ironman Robotics website:  the current website needs to be improved. P. Hamilton demonstrated his Google site, Boy Scout website, and the vast amount of capabilities within the site, including storage space. Advantages to his website included an embedded link to PayPal, photo/video upload, form upload, calendar, and fundraising. The website can be for both JV and V teams or have 2 separate websites (TBD). P. Hamilton explained there are 2 fees involved with a website like his, the domain name and PayPal transactions. PayPal fee is approx. 0.1/2% - 3% per each transaction.

Recognition Dinner, Wednesday, 5/2/18, at Biagio’s: discussion on having a bartender at the event. The cost of bartender at a cash bar is $100. Majority of those present at this meeting approved having the bartender and cash bar. This dinner is guaranteed for 100 guests. There will be a choice of 5 entrees for each guest. There will be pastries and sheet cake for dessert. 2 cakes will be ordered from Shop Rite, one for each team. Coffee/tea/soda is included in price. Suggestion made for 50/50 fundraiser at the dinner but this may not be possible via the Development Office. The suggested amount for mentor gifts will be $20 as there are 10 mentors in total. Gift cards will be purchased with the money collected for the mentors. A. Kourkoulakos drafted a letter indicating all the specifics on the dinner that will be emailed to all members.

Next Year’s Business:  Fr. Lou discussed the FLL and practice competition to be held at DBP. On 11/4/18, Sunday, 1pm-6pm in Savio Hall, DBP will host 16 teams. Concern from some members is space for 16 teams in Savio. We will not move to the gym for this event next year.

An unofficial FLL competition is being considered by Fr. Lou for the Catholic schools, i.e., AHA, IHA. A tentative date for this competition is Saturday, 12/1/18.

Budget Approval – Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Agenda for Next Meeting – Monday, May 7, 2018



Meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm by V. Massa. The next general meeting will be at 7:30pm on May 7, 2018, in Savio Hall.

Minutes submitted by:     Tracy Mastromarino

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